"Your gun says replica..."

published on 2004-10-12 in uncategorized

"...and mine says Desert Eagle .50".

Went to the gun range tonight with Sean. Met up with Matt while I was there too.

I got to shoot an assortment of weapons:

Para P14, CZ-52, CZ-75B, CZ-95B, Desert Eagle 44Mag, Desert Eagle 50 Cal, Ruger 10/22, Glock 9mm Open Class and a Ruger 610 Revolver.

The Desert Eagle .50 will put hair on your chest, that's for sure. I mean look at the size of the rounds! I shot it only 3 times and on the third round, my hand was bright red! I fully expected it to be like the movies where it throws you back, but it wasn't. Just had a helluva kick. Made firing the 45 easy. The CZ-52 also had quite a kick (due to the sub-machine rounds it fires) but it felt good in my hand and was pretty fun to fire. Of all the guns I shot, I liked the Para P14 and the Desert Eagle 44Mag the best. The DE weighs like 5lb so it actually absorbed the kick of the 44Mag really well...and just felt great to hold. The Glock 9mm Open Class was rad but I don't really have enough experience firing to tell the difference between a $500 model and a $2500 model.

A fun time, glad I went. /me does a google search for the H&K USP 45ACP