Working Outside

published on 2005-03-25 in uncategorized

Picture001 Worked outside for a few hours today. New laptop + powerful wireless means we can sit in the grass against the tree, in the sun. Very nice. In the pic is Brian, just about ready to fall over.

The reason I'm working outside? Work's been ultra-workey the last few weeks. This week will be a 70+ hour week for me. A first since the Telalink days I believe. But it's ok, I'm really enjoying it...and the overtime is nice. I'm implementing internal corporate blogs. And since it's a big company, it requires a pretty robust solution. Above about 500 employees, you have to start looking at internal company tools like an ISP would. Scaleable, manageable and self service. And since I should expect 10K users, self service is required. A Blogger appliance would be the best IMHO, but that doesn't exist and my contacts at Google haven't told me of anything like it coming out. So, I used a pretty famous open source package, LiveJournal, modified to work with our intranet SSO, fit corporate style, etc. Kind of a bitch to get going. mod_perl + apache 1.3.x. Wish it could run on Apache2/mod_perl2, I feel so lame putting a 1.3 out there after going to ApacheCon. Did a beta demo today to show it to the manager of our department. Good stuff, he liked it. A few more weeks of polish and we release it to the CIO, the first customer. Then to a few VP's that have been asking for it. Then everybody else. It'll change our corporate culture for sure.