Will's B-day and the sickness

published on 2004-11-09 in uncategorized

The pic to the right is at The Office in Cardiff Saturday night. We were celebrating Will's birthday.

Tracy and I have been fighting a cold for a week now. It's kind of disheartening to look at a calendar and know it's been a week. Jeeez.

Got a new radio. Trying to get back into the amateur radio hobby. I loved it when I was younger but computers and cell phones kind of squashed it. It isn't amazing anymore to be able to make a duplex phone call for free. But it is amazing to hold a tiny radio in your hand, dial a few codes and talk to someone out in the stix in Australia as if they were 15 feet away with a radio. For free. And to bounce signals off the moon to get around line of sight radio propagation limitations. There are a lot of cool things that the amateur radio license has enabled me to do in the last 10 years, figure it's time to get back into it. Maybe even learn morse code. Who knows.

Halloween came and went with not much fuss. I was all set to go to the Brotherhood party, but it was a week before halloween and neither Tracy or I had much motivation to get costumes ready by then. So our tickets became donations to the party cause. When Halloween came, I had all these aspirations of making my house scary and dressing up to give out candy...but Tracy had to work so I was home alone to hand it out. I opened the door and waited but got very few doorbell rings. Turns out that unlike when I was a kid, parents hover over the kids and don't let them go to a house that doesn't have big bright lights. And my flood lights are automatic...the kids never came close, they never came on. When I finally figured this out and flipped them manually on, it was too late. Oh well. Maybe next year. Met some of the neighbors and gave them those HUGE snickers bars that I bought from Costco. That was a hit. Watched the Charlie Brown special, that's always a treat, and makes me feel like a little kid again. I need to get all those short holiday films on DVD.

It's been cold lately and I finally figured out how to light the pilot on my heater. Man, that was cool. My first gas furnace. It's neat watching it flip on. I even took pics! And boy did that heat feel good after a week of freezing my a55 off.

Not much else has happened in the last week or so. It's been continuing to rain. I've cleaned my pool a lot, but haven't added any water in almost a month. And it's still nearly overflowing. Also haven't washed my car in a while either. D-oh. I wish it would clear up and get warm!