What'd you say bout beer?

published on 2004-05-25 in uncategorized

Man, I really do like beer.

Tonight, I made a 12:15 run to Albertsons to pick up some Dos Equis and a bottle of water for Tracy. But they changed hours (again) without posting signs or anything and had closed by 12. So I went next door to Longs, open 24 hours. But they couldn't sell past 11 because they're within 100ft of a residential area. And Jimbo's Liquor, my next destination, was closed. AM/PM only has domestic piss. So Ralph's was my last bet. They are open till 2, stock the beer, and can sell till 2. AND they have Shiner Bock. My favorite beer. Wow, all that work just for a sip of the stuff?

God-damn straight. I like beer.* :)

*Not domestic swill.