Trip to Ohio

published on 2005-06-02 in uncategorized

biking under a bridge.jpg

Tracy and I took off a week and went back to Ohio to visit her family. We left last Wed night at 8pm and got back in this Tuesday night at 11pm. It was a good week. We stayed with her brother, who had recently remodeled his kitchen. He also had a cat...and my allergies were having a fit. I was miserable for a week, but it didn't really spoil the fun. We sat on his front porch and hung out with friends. The next door neighbors had a mother rabbit and her little baby bunnies living in their flower garden. It was pretty neat to see baby rabbits. I didn't manage to get a pic of the babies but did get a few of the mother.

We also took a road trip to Cincinatti to visit a friend of Tracy's from college. A pretty place. We visited Ohio State, where she went to school for a few years. A big campus, but also very pretty. I left the battery in my small digicam at home so no pics of that. D-oh. Almost contemplated driving down to TN to see my mom for her birthday, but since we only had the rental car for one day, if we left immediatly when we had come up with the idea, we would have been able to stay about 10 minutes and have to leave to make the 10 hour drive back. So, that didn't happen.

The next day we went to Mohican, an Ohio state park. Very pretty, reminded me of Fall Creek Falls in Tennesse, one of the prettiest places on earth IMHO. Lots of hills, cliffs, very green, winding roads, the lodge looked the same, etc. Didn't have a 180ft waterfall, but that's kinda rare anyway.

The coolest part was the dam. It was erected after a giant flood destroyed the valley. It had this giant spillway, that hasn't ever seen action (because it was designed for biblical floods I guess). It was a giant funnel about 70 feet across. You could hear the water from the dam rushing below, I just wish I could have looked inside!

The next day we went to a family reunion. The weather was great and at one point, this huge black thundercloud was looming on the horizon. Very, very black cloud. But it went right around us and we continued to get sunshine the entire time. I listened to Tracy's uncle tell all kinds of stories about dogs. He told one about a dog of his in Vietnam that almost started a suicidal battle between the US and the Koreans, or something like that. He also told stories about shooting cats, which was good to hear considering cats had made me mildly miserable for most of the trip. Pretty funny guy.

Anyway, it was a good time. I miss the weather back east. They actually had spring showers followed by sunshine and birds chirping. Out here we have this gloomy weather for months during the spring/summer. And thunderstorms! Man! So cool, I forgot how much I love real weather!

I didn't get many pictures because I left that battery at home, but I did have my big cam with me so I got a few shots of other things.