tracy's gone

published on 2004-06-13 in uncategorized

Picture012 Been doing a lot of nuthin today. Tracy's out of town, headed back to Ohio to visit a friend that's getting married soon. So I've been doing a lot of car and computer stuff this week. One thing I've noticed about her being eating schedules are terrible. She's not here so I eat when I'm hungry. Which is at the wrong time of day and usually junk food. Eating breakfast at lunch. Eating "lunch" about 8pm. Still working on where dinner fits in. Jeez, I should really pull it together and try to eat on time.

Picture013 So, I went to IN-N-OUT tonight to get some lunch. As I'm getting in line in the drive thru, I guess some girls made a comment about my car. They were going in to get food. The guys with them were really drunk and yelled in a highly slurred voice "these bitches want you...(gurgle)...underage pussy!" To which one of the girls responded "Hey! I'm legal, I'm 18!" How nice.

Then I go over to Autozone to drop off a container of oil and pick up some black paint and crazy glue. The dude runs my card, it's approved, but his screen says something else. So he doesn't know what to do. So there are like 3 people behind me, all of which are pissed. I'm trying to explain to him that I just got charged and it doesn't matter what his screen says when I realize that he's drunk too.

No point to either of those. I don't care if they're drunk, as long as they don't cost me money or piss me off. I just thought it was funny.

/me opens a beer

I miss my girlfriend.