Tracy's first IV

published on 2005-01-30 in uncategorized

So I finally let Tracy stick me with a needle. For practice! I must be in love or something. But it had to happen one day, might as well get it over with. She's been salivating over my veins since the first day we met. She and her nurse friends would say "wow, you have such great veins!" while gathering around my arms like vampires. But, it wasn't too bad. She did an IV for practice. A weathered nurse does it in about .5 seconds, but since Tracy is new, it took her a bit. And it was the first time I started to feel ill at the sight of my own blood. Mostly because I watched the little plastic thing wiggling around in my vein. Shouldn't have done that. But I lived and she got more practice.

The only bummer is that she didn't hook the IV up to a keg. Even though I specifically requested it. But she swore that's not good for your liver and so I got 0.0 proof Saline instead.