Thanksgiving Feasticles

published on 2006-11-27 in uncategorized

The Thanksgiving holiday is always one of my favorites. Whether it’s going back home to see family or just cooking at home, the food is good and the time off is always very nice. This year, Tracy and I decided to stay in, cook up some grub and relax. It was a good thing too, I was feeling a little ill last week (round two of the office disease) and I had the holidays to get over it. As I type this now, I am just now feeling that I might be over it tomorrow. We’ll see when I wake up, heh.

As you can see from the pics, we had a variety of food. Shown here is onions and celery (start of the stuffing), bread, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts.

Tracy cooked everything but the sweet potatoes, that’s my specialty. One note…Betty Crocker is on Crocker Crack. It says clealy in the instructions that you should cook the potatoes first. Then peel. That is complete insanity. I knew better than to do that last year, but I did it anyway because that’s what Betty instructed. Ended up with a big soggy messy pile of potatoes that burned my hands as the skin fell off. It’s much better and faster to peel the potatoes first, then cut them up, then cook them. My results this year were vastly superior. WTF does Betty know anyway.

We rounded out the weekend by watching some visions of our fiery nuclear deaths courtesy of ABC. You may remember the 1983 movie ̶The Day After̶. Pretty realistic vision of humanity’s future after a nuclear exchange with the USSR. With 1983 special effects of course. They couldn’t get mushroom cloud footage from the Government so they made do with injecting ink into vegetable oil. Anyway, worth a watch if you have never seen it. More info here.

I also spent quite a bit of time tonight writing a barebones photo gallery in PHP. As much as I don’t like the PHP language out of principle, it is excellent for writing quick and dirty web apps. I have a few web apps lined up to write and I figured a good way to get back into PHP would be to write something simple. I’ll post the code later when it’s a little more polished. For now you just have to find a harder path to break into my web server. :-)