Speed Festival

published on 2004-10-11 in uncategorized

A nice
Alfa Sunday, Karl, Eddy, Dave and I went down to Coronado for the Speed Festival. It's like a mini-monterey, but not nearly as far or costly. Eddy, in his new Z3 Coupe, met up with Karl and I in the 2002 at Dave's place in OB. We grabbed some food and cash at a local deli and hit the road. One giant bridge and 30 minutes later, we were at the North Island Naval Base parking next to $150k cars.

A nice guy actually gave us 2 free tickets on the way in, which totally made our day! Half price! But then we found out they didn't allow outside food. What the heck is up with that? So we scarfed down the sandwiches while standing outside the gates. Karl was stopped by the metal detectors for his cans of soda but was able to slide them past security using well known Jedi Mind Trick...it works well on guards apparently.

The racing was really good! Since it was a flat course on the runway, we saw nearly the whole event and all of the action of the race, with the exception of a bit of course blocked by the other set of grandstands. It was great to watch the cars with big engines overtake in the straights but get whipped around the corners. Karl and I were disappointed when our pick, the Alfa, didn't compete in race 7, but Dave's pick, the McLaren, killed in the first few laps. But it lost it's grip, or breaking or something because it slowed so much that it was dead last, then rolled off the track and didn't finish the race. D-oh! The last race of the day, race 8, was TransAm, with giant muscle cars from the 60's and little 2 liter BMW's and Alfa's. The BMW's held their own against the cars with 3 times the displacement.

I put up my pics of the event here. It was a good time, I'll definatly go next year.