Rain, Rain....

published on 2004-10-20 in uncategorized

Go away.

And don't come back.


What is up with this liquid falling from the sky? I pay my taxes, work my ass off to pay for the high cost of living, turn a deaf ear to the masses of liberal idiots, bring back the sun! What do I live in SoCal for anyhow? I mean, I realize it's 'winter' now, but dude, I'd rather have a foot of snow. At least the people that grew up back east know how to drive. Damn. It spits rain here and there are a dozen accidents filling up the freeways. You can't do 85 in the rain pal.

I didn't get any sleep last night because my new house has this totally sweet feature...when the wind blows hard, it spins the exhaust vents on my roof so fast that they oscillate...and set up a vibration in my house that slowly varies in frequency from one minute to the next. That's because it only oscillates and causes the vibration at very high RPM...but once it starts oscillating, it causes friction and slows down. So there are 0.5-1 sec periods of silence as it spins up to infinity, and then the oscillation/vibration slows it back down. And it's LOUD. No sleep for me!

Add to that the TJ shack my mexican neighbors are building...it's made of thin metal. That thing was slapping around all night and morning. Not a wink I tells ya!

Not related to the weather, but related to not sleeping, at 7am this morning about 100 police trainees came running by my house yelling some violent cadence at the top of their lungs. It was so loud, I thought that they were fighting in my living room. I sprang from the bed to see what was the mater, only to find myself standing in my front door, in my boxers, in front of 100 sweaty soon-to-be policemen...who I believe all looked at me and promptly committed my address to memory. Super.