Rain Math

published on 2012-09-30 in nashville , science

The storm headed our way tonight is predicted to drop 2" of rain over Nashville. If it covers the entire 527 square miles with that amount (on average), that storm would drop 152.8 billion pounds of water. Yay science.


Here's my math:

1 inch of rain x 1 square mile = 65,785 cubic meters = 17,378,742 gallons

Nashville is 527 square miles according to Wikipedia.

A gallon of water weighs 8.35 lb.

So, 2 inches of rain over every inch of Nashville is 2 x 527 x 17,378,742 ....

Which is 18,317,194,068 gallons. Which weighs = 152,948,570,467 lb.

Yikes. I better go start mowing the yard like right now. I don't want to get killed when the rain falls on me

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