Nuclear WHAT injections?

published on 2004-09-03 in uncategorized

Picture018.jpeg So my feet have been hurting more and more lately. Both of them. I can barely stand for more than 10 min at a time. And it is starting to hurt to drive a clutch. No effin clue why. My pediatrist thinks it's complex regional pain syndrome. So, he sent me off for a "bone scan". Whatever that is.

See that big scary machine? The one they put 'terminally ill' patients in on shows like ER? It's what's generally referred to as a Nuclear Imaging machine. Basicly a $250k, computer controlled, nuclear camera. That's what they use to watch the isotopes flow thru your bloodstream. Isotopes? What bloodstream, mine? Needles? Again? Jeez. I had this done to check for blood clots in my chest after my accident. One of the most painful trips across a hospital I've ever made. Second only to the trip to the X-Ray with the careless gurney cart driver. I swear to god I shit my pants. Wait, I wasn't wearing pants.

Anyway, this is how it goes:

11AM: Technetium Isotope injection and simultaneous flow scan.

3PM: Return for 2 more images of calcium activity in my feet.

24 hrs later: Piss out the last of the radiation in my urine.

Not too bad. I will post images of the results soon.