New Midpipe

published on 2008-09-28 in motorcycles

Out for a hyperspin

Installed a new LeoVince midpipe on the Hypermotard earlier in the week (2am in the garage with a rubber hammer the night before an early meeting). Finally got a moment away from the keyboard to take it out for a spin tonight. Total awesomeness. It starts better, sounds better and runs better. I think it's a bit faster too. How awesome is that for the effort and price? I should have done this a long time ago.

Pics: Old and Busted. New Hotness.

I had also adjusted the bars a bit to be a tad higher, but I didn't like it. The turn signals are pointed at the ground 5 feet in front of me, which means my effective road use brightness went from 'are those lasers?' to 'dead lightning bug'. I may pick a position half way between this position and neutral. Will have to test it again later in the week when I've got some more time.

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