Nashville Amazon Web Services User Group

published on 2011-09-15 in nashville , computing

A few of us are putting together a local Amazon Web Services User Group here in Nashville. The initial idea is to follow a format similar to Portland's AWSUG. Invite local experts, give talks, get together and share stories, etc. Maybe host a yearly event in Nashville, not sure. These are all just ideas at the moment. AWS's most game-changing (and also complex) product is EC2 and I'm guessing that will garner a lot of interest. That's also my area of expertise and interest.

Scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 28th (2 weeks from yesterday), the first meet up would be an informal get together to come up with a simple charter, brainstorm on activities, come up with a list of potential venues and sketch out a general calendar for the next quarter. I figure this can be accomplished after work, across a table of drinks. Yeah?

If you'd like to join....we'll be at the Corsair Taproom from 6pm till about 8pm.

Nashville Amazon Web Services User Group (NAWSUG)
Initial Planning Meeting - Informal w/beer
Sept 28th 2011, 6pm-8pm at the Corsair Taproom

Corsair Taproom Location:
1200 Clinton Street #110
Nashville, TN 37203
Map Link

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