My Synergy Setup

published on 2008-02-26 in computing

Synergy rules. I've been talking about it for a few weeks now, expounding on it's virtues over other options like x2vnc. A friend asked that I document my ya go Eddy: :)

My current install of synergy runs on on my Mac Pro, my linux box (centos5) and my MacBook Pro laptop. The Mac Pro is the controlling keyboard and reaches across both of the other computers. The monitor layout is the Mac Pro in front (2 monitors), the Linux box directly to the left and the laptop below the linux box.

My Home

After I downloaded synergy, I placed the 2 binaries (synergys,synergyc) in /usr/local/bin on my Mac. If the dir doesen't exist, create it. I also created /usr/local/etc for the config files.

Config on the Mac Pro:

n8pro:bin nathan$ cd /usr/local/bin
n8pro:bin nathan$ ls
jhead  jpegtran synergyc synergys xv

The config file on the Mac Pro:

n8pro:~ nathan$ cd /usr/local/etc/
n8pro:etc nathan$ cat synergy.conf
  section: screens
  section: links
         left = homelinux
         right = n8pro.local
         down = n8bookpro.local
   up = homelinux

Commands I run on the Mac Pro (server):

# synergys -f -c /usr/local/etc/synergy.conf

Commands I run on the Linux Box (client):

# synergyc -f n8pro

Commands I run on the MacBook Pro (client):

# synergyc -f n8pro

Extra credit:

I also use this at work. A Linux box is the control. Synergyc will re-try connections every 30 sec or so, which means I can launch synergyc clients and let them fail when I'm not on the network. This means I can run it once and connect/disconnect from work/home networks and have seamless mouse sharing with very little work required. To set this up on the Linux box, i had a config similar to the one above for the Mac Pro. On the laptop I have one script that I run that fires off both synergyc clients at the same time. They stay running until a reboot. After reboot, I run it again and I'm set. This is the script:

cat /usr/local/bin/
#! /bin/bash
killall synergyc
sleep 2
synergyc -f n8pro &
synergyc -f n8linuxbox &