MP3 streaming

published on 2005-06-09 in computing

So, I hate not being able to listen to good music while at work. Well, here are my 3 solutions:

  1. DAAP (iTunes) streaming. I use to stream my mp3 colletion over DAAP to my work host. I use apple's mDNS responder to fake a local iTunes host with a remote IP address. Then I use iptables and a password to only allow my host access to the music library. This has proven to be a really great solution for listening to my music at work. And the iTunes interface kicks ass. Nothing else has come close to being as good as iTunes for finding my tunes.

  2. I just stumbled upon this. An AJAX enabled web based mp3 streamer. Very cool. This went on my server with a quickness.

  3. SomaFM. Excellent music stations. I listen to "Secret Agent" and "Groove Salad".

Update: Obie just informed me of this: Pretty sweet!

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