moving sucks

published on 2004-06-25 in uncategorized

So I have spent the last few days sweating about my move. I have so much to do!

  1. pack
  2. transfer phone services
  3. transfer DSL line
  4. get TV service (DirecTV?)
  5. turn on water
  6. fwd mail
  7. hire movers
  8. hire cleaners
  9. steam carpet
  10. buy lawnmower
  11. buy fridge
  12. turn on electricity
  13. get more boxes
  14. die of exhaustion

But this hasn't been a bad week. Just really busy. I had some nice lunches outside. Alehandro's and Tech Center were nice.




And saw some wacky stuff. Check out the Civic parked on top of the vette! Ouch! Apparently they were both parked on Barnes Canyon (good idea) and someone was speeding, swerved to avoid and hit the civic head on. And then sped off. Ouch.


Went to Will's on Wed. night to watch the Padre's game and ended up going out to the Saloon in Encinitas. Played some pool, made fun of the tools at the bar and bitched about work. And drank good Scotch. Lots of it. It was a good time.

Funny links of the week:

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