Movie: Signs

published on 2004-09-18 in uncategorized

I just finished watching Signs, by M. Night Shyamalan. That is one of, if not THE worst movie I've ever seen. It tops that dusty evil car movie that Andrew and I watched in college where the driver is never shown and in the end it drives off a cliff onto a pile of dynamite. I mean, the aliens were terrible looking. Some gangly green humanoid thing with big claws, huge fangs and teeth. Give me a break. And the plot was moronic. Aliens decide to travel across time and space to take over our planet for it's natural resources. And they do this with hand to hand combat!?!? And WATER KILLS THEM? What in the hell! That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. They have the technology to travel across the galaxy but can't wipe us out with radiation or a virus or bullets or something more advanced than hand to hand combat? And they picked a planet to harvest whose surface is comprised mostly of a substance that kills them? Did they not see that it rains the stuff from the sky? Good lord.

And the main character, a preacher, has tossed away his faith after his wife is killed by a car. With a horrible scene of her dying, pinned between the car and the tree. And if the car moves, she'll die, yet she's totally able to have a conversation laid out on the hood...'somehow' held together. SO LAME. And in the end, when it's out in the open that aliens exist, bam, he's a preacher again.

Did he do any research before developing this story? Did he watch any other SCI-FI movies? Did he even hire consult a technical writer?? I have to imagine that Mr. Shyamalan is just as much of a moron as he thinks his viewers are.

The thing that gets me is that I loved Unbreakable It was great. And although I didn't like it, the Sixth Sense was very successful.

Please, don't waste your life by watching this movie. Wow.