Monterey Historics 2006

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Went up to Monterey Bay, CA for the Historics again. It was pretty fun this year. John, Mark, Karl and I went up for the 4 day trip. We took John's Ford Escape, Karl's 2002 and Mark's MR2 Spyder.


Using the MR2 Spyder Frunk

Karl pissing off the side of a mountain

Mark doing a dusty burnout and subsequently John and I nearly getting
killed in a head-on collision

The current model Toyota F1 race car setting the Laguna Seca all time lap record of 106.309. He (I think it was Ricardo Zonta) beat it 3 times that weekend, besting the 2001 record (Honda Champ car) by more than a second. And more than 4 seconds faster than the Ferrari in 2003.

A million Coopers on the track

A million Mini's: (hehe)

Flaming Drinks:

Seeing a Mazda RX-792P Start, warm up and rev.

Watching a Lister pretty much destroy everyone on the track:

Seeing Old Yeller again:

Hearing a Lexus pace car tear up the track with it's super loud squealing tires:

Actually seeing under the hood of a Toyota 2000GT...they started them and drove them around the track. Holy shit!

Couple of funny plates and stickers:

Seeing the 2 under-hood urinals in the new Mustang GT500. LAME ENGINE BAY.

And some awesome driving:

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