published on 2005-06-06 in computing

So Apple will be switching to Intel in 2006. Initally this pissed me off and I was skeptical. After noodling on it a bit, I like it. I betcha that very quickly, the Linux hackers will make Linux that runs killer on the Intel based Macs. They'll also make compatability libraries for Linux Intel binaries. Then Windows Intel binaries. Imagine seamlessly running MS or Linux binaries on your Mac. Killer.

Video of the WWDC Confrence

Some questions I have:

  1. How will Endianness be handled?
  2. What about this Rosetta stuff?
  3. Will Macs simply be high end PC's that run OS X? Or will it be like today's mac except an Intel Proc? I'd rather contine to have superior hardware that you just can't put together off the shelf and can't be sold by Dell.

I gotta upgrade to Tiger. Think I also need to buy a Mac Mini.

New song I'm addicted to: Starry Eyed Suprise by Paul Oakenfold

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