Lidocaine and Butterfingers

published on 2004-10-02 in uncategorized

Know what that big needle is? It's Lidocaine. Yep, I went to the dentist for the first time since...maybe 1997...most likely 1995. Tracy and her perfect teeth maintenance schedule guilted me into it. I used to really hate going to the dentist when I was younger. But, this was not an unpleasant experience.

My Dad gave me some good advice: Large athletic male types (like my doc as a kid) don't make good dentists...they have huge hands. And I have a small mouth (I guess). So I followed Tracy's advice and went to her dentist, a petite asian woman. Small hands. Better experience!

I only had 2 cavities, one due to a badly installed filling and the other very minor. In addition she pulled my old silver fillings and put in new white ones made of an composite resin. They also won't expand and contract with hot and cold foods. I went in at 8AM, left at 10AM. I don't have to come back for 6 months. Now, that is service.

If anyone else is interested, her shop is called TransDental Family Care and it's in Mira Mesa, near the Hollywood Video and Baja Fresh. She's good and she's nice. Tell her Nathan sent you.

P.S. I bought a box of Butterfingers from Costco to celebrate. Shh!