Lake Hodges

published on 2005-03-28 in uncategorized

Tracy and I went to Lake Hodges today to go hiking. The rain has overfilled the lake. Last year when we went, it was so dried up and small, we were laughing at it. This time, it had filled up far beyond normal and the damn was overflowing. Neato. Lots of greenery, wildlife and flowers. No rattlesnakes this time however.

I came home hungry with slight headache. Had some lunch and took a nap for a while. After a dream about getting chased by Jaws, I woke up and worked on the Fiat the rest of the night. Might be starting that sucker soon!

Yesterday I spent the day hacking up that ugly cedar tree in our front yard. Filled two 35 and one 45 gallon bucket with trimmings. Not that much IMHO. But it still has a lot to go. It's so close to the house I'm afraid to use and axe so I may have to get a chainsaw afterall. But powertools are fun.

Tags: hiking