La Fonera on a Mac

published on 2006-11-12 in computing

My La Fonera is neato. But there were a few critical details left out of the install docs for us Mac Users.

Everything more advanced than 'plug it in' references the User Manual on the CD. The CD is useless. It's got no files on it other than the Quick Install Guide (QIG.pdf) that you already have in printed form. To find the user manual, go here: FON: and click on: "Activate it when it arrives. More" It will launch a flash app that lets you download the user manual. Or you can click here: Default WPA settings don't work on a MacBook. You must log onto the router's admin console and change this. Plug the router into your mac via the included ethernet cable. Surf to in your web browser. Log in. The user is 'root' and the password is the WPA key for the private SSID/MySpaces. If you just opened it, it should be the S/N on the bottom of the device. Now clik on 'Private WiFi' and change the Authentication from 'WPA/WPA2-Mixed' to 'WPA2'.

Your MacBook will now connect. I assume this is not just a MacBook thing, but a Mac thing. Why wouldn't they document this? It's a huge pain for a Mac user trying to figure it out. Hopefully google searches will find this and other Mac users will learn from my efforts.

P.S. Works great now!

Tags: wireless