Kryptonite Margurita's

published on 2005-02-14 in uncategorized

I am Superman. Yep. And normally jumping down 2 flights of stairs is no problem for me. But that damn waitress must have put Kryptonite in my Margurita because I nearly broke my damn foot. I thought I tasted something funny after the 3rd glass. Luckily, I didn't drink 4 of them or I might have actually broken it. Instead, I just twisted it and am walking with a limp. Damn agents of Lex Luthor!


Yea, so I took a long step down some stairs last week, missed and twisted my ankle pretty bad. Not the bad leg, the other one. The strong one. Luckily I am a pretty flexible guy or I might have snapped something. I went to a friends house afterwards and put ice on it for a while. But the next morning, it was black and blue and red so I carted myself down to Urgent Care thinking I had broken it...sure felt like it. I waited nearly 3 hours, but when I finally saw the doc he sent me off for an x-ray and determined that I hadn't broken anything. Whew. I couldn't handle a cast right now. Turns out that the 'bruising' I had was not a bruise but FROSTBITE! Guess I held the ice on there too long. It went away after 2 days. It's been 5 days and my foot is still a bruised from the inside but feeling better. I had been using crutches last week and am back to the trusty cane action. '' as I walk down the hall. Heh, feels like 2 years ago.

Oh well, I guess I'm not too hurt. But that's because I am Superman.

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