IP Cam Geekyness

published on 2005-05-13 in computing

So I set up the IP Cam yesterday. Pretty neato. The little device captures decent pics:

I am pleased. I bought the wireless model so I would only need power. Easy to set up, only prob is that the silly thing requires IE/ActiveX to configure. But once you've done that, you can access the stream with any OS. motion is set up and workin well. It records little movies and still frames whenever it sees motion, AND is recording a time-lapse of the entire day wrapped up in to a 1 minute MPG. Watching the mailman deliver mail, cats pissing, birds playing, kids riding bikes, my neighbors constantly driving in and out. Pretty neato stuff. When I get a cool timelapse, I'll post a torrent for download.

My only gripe with my current setup is that motion is downloading so fast from the cam that it's sending a 400kB/sec stream across my WAN. I may go to manually downloading the pics and compiling a time-lapse later. Or writing my own CGI that fetches the images with a configurable speed.

Tags: timelapse