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published on 2005-06-13 in computing

Subject: Re: Breakin Attempts

Our computer seems to be hacked in, so we are currently locked out from it.
I will see to it, that the computer is disabled asap,
and the means of entrance into the system discovered.

Thanks for the report,

Nenad Peric
system administrator
Sinfonika d.o.o.

Neat. At least there'll be one less jackass script kiddie bot probing ssh all over the freaking place.

I used to report these all the time back when I was a sysadmin at a small ISP. I get reports of the logs on our servers daily and process anything from our customers and send it off to various organizations' abuse contact. It was far more effective to actually call people than it was to send e-mail. But that was before spammers would relentlessly call any number listed in whois. And back when most of the own3d machines were from the US. I don't plan on calling Belgradeto report a script kiddie. Once, I got a page that our NetApp had just reached 100%. Apparently some kid at UCSD had found a customer's open ftp account and had uploaded 8G of w@r3z games. I reported him like usual. The admin was nice and said the account had been suspended etc etc. About a month later I got a call from the FBI wanting to know the monetary cost of the 'hack attempt'. We came up with a small number to give to them. I talked to the agent and she said that the kid that did it was a student and had been kicked out of school and that her job was to gather evidence for his court appearance. Wow! I guess UCSD took that pretty seriously.

I felt bad for the guy for a while, but then I remembered that he was pirating a shit-ton of microsoft games and woke me up in the middle of the night over it.


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