I made the front page of the UT!

published on 2006-10-27 in uncategorized

Well, I didn't, but an article I was quoted in did:


It was on the front page of the Sunday Union Tribune. Pretty damn cool. How I ended up getting quoted about Second Life is pretty funny. A co-worker sent out a mail to staff on a Friday afternoon that asked "anybody know what Second Life is?" I responded, thinking I'd just give her the quick scoop on the thing..I mean, I've logged into it 3 times and watched that Google Tech talk on it. So, I know what it is and what makes it tick. But instead, in response, I got a confirmation with the UT for an interview 10AM that Monday. They even asked if they could take my picture. So of course, I had to spend the weekend getting brushed up on SL. And then they didn't quote me on any of the stuff I studied up on:

Nathan Hubbard, networking manager at San Diego video-sharing service vMix, said he is personally and professionally interested in Second Life. He and others at vMix are looking for a way to provide an in-world video service.

"I went into a club (in Second Life) to check it out,” he said. “I was just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Everybody else was dressed up. I felt out of place. Of course, I've had that experience in real life. I'm a big geek.”

His avatar shares the first name of Nathan. He asked that the avatar's last name not be published because he doesn't go to Second Life to socialize.

“I don't really go there to play,” Hubbard said. “I'm more interested in the entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Well, there you have it. My .15 microseconds of fame for this week. Heh. I still don't 'play' SL much, but if you have an interest in meeting up 'in world', let me know. Or you can SLurl your way to my humble abode.

And for the record, I didn't call myself a geek. I called myself a nerd and suggested that the journalist should put that down as my title. ;)

Update: I guess that article has been sourced/quoted by other papers:


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