HD Video Test

published on 2008-08-13 in video

Finally got myself a video camera. Been looking at them critically for about 8 years now...ever since my Hi8 cam broke in 2000. I loved making movies back then, and even lately have been doing various time-lapse type videos...not really 'movies' since they were shot with a SLR. A few years ago I got interested in video again with the advent of consumer level HD cameras. Canon came out with the HF10 and HF100, soda-can sized cameras that record 1080p HD to SDHC flash cards...no moving parts, great for strapping to cars/motorcycles, etc. When the price finally fell to a range I could deal with, I pulled the trigger. It's so cool...and little! This is my first test. Video quality is great! I hope to be posting more mischief and fun events in the coming months.

Is Vimeo the best place to host HD video? Anyone? Bueller? Anyway, enjoy some test shots from the backyard...

HD Test - Backyard Oddities

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