Code & Pinot: UNIX!

published on 2015-04-23 in computing

I gave a presentation tonight at Nashville Girl Geek Dinner's Code & Pinot event. We went over some UNIX history and did a bit of command line intro. Action shot:

It was a great event! I had a lot of fun teaching something I'm passionate about (while de-rusting a bit on relating the basics!) and had some great conversation afterwards. I've given the history talk a number of times over the years, but the GGD Nashville crew got to experience my first test of this talk with slides! \o/ You can download my history presentation here. And here is the history of what I typed during the UNIX lesson.

Side note: We discussed the historically famous "Space Travel" game (look it up). But, all I knew was that it was a game...and I'm not a gamer. So, I had to look it up a bit more when I got home. Apparently it let you simulate travel between planets in our solar system and cost about $50-$75 in 1969 money to play a round on the GE 645 running MULTICS! Which is $320-$482 in 2015 money. No wonder re-writing the whole OS on cheaper hardware was worth it. :-P

If any of you were there and would like to know more, here are some good links that I used when re-acquainting myself with UNIX's colorful history and some beginner material:

More History of UNIX

Other Good Intros

Don’t have UNIX to play with? Get it in the browser with JS/UIX!

Cheat Sheets

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