Flickr also kicks ass

published on 2005-05-10 in uncategorized

"Have you ever wanted to post photos from your favorite group on your website? Or photos tagged with something? Or photos from your favorite group..."

So, I highly recommend you all check out Flickr. I've been playing with it for a while but didn't really have time to sit down and browse/play. I'm almost upset I didn't buy David/Joseph flickr accounts for their birthdays. Maybe next year.

Update: OK, why Flickr is cool...

It's kind of like for pictures. Flickr lets you freeform tag all your pics. It lets you surf the tags. So I can find other pictures of "124 Spider". Or whatever's out there. Very neat. They also have unlimited file storage. And a 20GB upload/month. And cool little apps to help you upload. If you have a modern blogging system that supports ATOM API's, you can blog your pic right from the Flickr interface. Go check it out.

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