Firefox rox

published on 2004-10-20 in computing

Picture008.jpeg I hate to be one of those bloggers that blogs the news.

But if you haven't seen it, Firefox is raising money for an ad in the NY times. What a great idea, that is so cool! The pic at right is from work and you can see the Firefox poster that I picked up at LinuxWorld. I put it on the front entrance to our suite. Makes sense for 'web server admin' to be Firefox advocates. :) I'm just stunned at how popular Firefox fast. 5 million downloads! I've been using it since the alpha days of Firebird, but I'm so happy to see that the Internet at large is picking up on it.

"Firefox is increasingly becoming the browser of choice for people fed up with spyware and other internet annoyances." Haha, no way, really? Fed up with spyware and ads? Who isn't? And yesterday, yet another CERT was released for "Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer". What else is new. They should just put up a big siren that goes off when there are no bugs in IE.

If you're currently using Firefox, I highly recommend you check out the Web Developer, LiveHTTPHeaders, Sage RSS and IEView extensions. They have made my life as a geek so much easier.

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