Earthquakes and Glowing Water

published on 2005-06-16 in uncategorized

The ride in CA is definitely been a little bumpy lately...First it was this one at a little after 8am last Sunday:

Magnitude 5.2 - SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 2005 June 12 15:41:46 UTC

Which Tracy and I both felt. Pretty good little jolt and a few sec of aftershocks. We both jumped up to look outside and see if the pool was shaking. It wasn't.

And last night we had this:

Magnitude 7.2 - OFF THE COAST OF NORTHERN CALIFORNIA 2005 June 15 02:50:54 UTC

Which came with a Tsunami warning for the entire Pacific coast. And people screaming on the beach and evacuated/shut down communities. We had gone down to the to have dinner and watch the Dinoflagellate bioluminescence with some friends. Our waiter came out and said that there was a Tsunami warning. Idiots in the street were shouting it. Dude, we were 300 something feet above sea level. It'd have to be a meteor impact off the coast of San Diego to affect us. People were acting silly.

This is what it looked like:

Oh the horror!

And then 25 minutes later, it was cancelled. Heh.

But the bioluminescent dinoflagellate were coooool. The waves were crashing and creating a neat blue light each time. Tracy and I went down to investigate even closer and didn't find much. We headed back up the trail only to find a skunk in our path. Which promptly chased us with it's huge black and white tail in the air. So we walked over a (*#$%ing) mile up to Swami's to go around it. As we were about to head up the steps at swami's, a couple told us that there were tide pools that were glowing like we investigated that.

We noticed that as we walked, we were leaving glowing footprints in the sand. So cool. You could tap the ground and it would light up. You could tap the water in the tide pools and it would fan out like lightning bolts. Running your hands around on the rocks (covered in algae) would leave trails. It was so bright and so neat. Highly recommend going out to see this. More on it here.

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