"Click 'N Save" my butt!

published on 2006-12-01 in uncategorized


Airline tickets have been insane this year. Southwest keeps sending me e-mail campaigns about how cheap tickets are right now. But who wants to fly for 20 days? Or for 2 days? Or 2 weeks before or after Christmas? Glad I bought my tickets back in October. I did that last year and my price was $350. This year, my price was just shy of $600. What difference a year can make.

We need alternate travel in this country, and the flexibility to use it. I'd go for a 2-3 day trip on a train if I could...but the train routes aren't as direct and have lots of stops. It'd take me at least a week to get home via train. I distinctly remember my 3rd grade science teacher promising me a flying car by now.