Busy busy busy lately

published on 2004-07-29 in motorcycles


Been a while since I've written anything. Sorry for no updates, I've been too busy with 'real life' to sit down and update this sucker.

So, I moved. Yes, I now live in a house. No more stinkin apartment. In fact, today I moved the last item. It's taken us about 3 weeks to get settled. We moved in the week of July 4th...it was hectic and hard. I actually got some sort of blood blisters on my poor feet from standing up too much or something. I need to see a pediatrist. David came down to help and we did a bunch of home improvement projects that first day. Swapped up backwards blinds, fixed the garage lights, trimmed all the trees (except the huge Ficus) and a variety of other tasks. We moved most of our stuff that weekend but then immediatly headed out of town to Ohio for a week. The pic to the right was in the airport in Atlanta, waiting to get on our flight to go back to San Diego. It was crowded, and right during the busiest season of the year. Still not too bad tho.

The trip east was fun. Back to see Tracy's college friend get married. The wedding was nice, very traditional, I met some cool people and had a good time. Tracy's dad lives near Smuckers. That's neat. We hung out at Tracy's brother Andy's house a lot, and after the wedding and all that was over, we went up the last day to Cedar Point. Man, that was fun. I really had never been on any coasters like that. So fun, I want to go back and ride the 2 big ones that I missed out on for 'maintenance' reasons. We heard from Tracy's dad that the reason the Top Thrill Dragster was down was because some cable snapped and shot thousands of tiny bits of steel into the foreheads of the front row passengers. Yikes. 120mph and 420 feet, I guess there is a lot of physics involved there. Heh. I actually got a little sick after all the upside down stuff and had to sit out the last coaster. I even got a little queasy on the plane ride home. Hehe.

So after we got back, we immediately started unpacking and fixing up our place. I have done a few more HI projects, including trimming the huge Ficus and installing a water line to the fridge. Tricked out my toilet. Twice. Bought some cool powertoolstoo. Power! Muahaha!

Tracy's Dad is in town this week. He bought us a new grill last night. That thing is bad ass. I am so excited to cook on it!

I go to LinuxWorld next week and my mom comes in the day I get back for the weekend. That next week I go to Monterey for the historic races. Busy busy busy.

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