built a new computer desk

published on 2006-11-21 in howto

So, this weekend I built myself a new computer/office desk.

new, shiny desk

Costs & Materials

  • 1 custom made 8 ft marble-look kitchen counter top from home depot: $140
  • 1 end cap set (included with table)
  • 2 black legal size filing cabinets: $120 (each)
  • 1 bottle Elmers Wood glue $5


  • Router
  • circular saw
  • Iron (for the end caps)
  • Hammer & Nails (nails came with the table!)
  • Knife
  • 409 (Cleaner)

Total outlay

  • $385
  • 5 weeks gathering materials and waiting for a weekend to work on it (3 weeks waiting for countertop to arrive)
  • 4 hours of actual work
  • 1 splinter, removed with knife

Process was easy. Ordered the desk from Home Depot and bought the filing cabinets. When the desk arrived, I put it up on makeshift sawhorses and cut straight edges on it with the circular saw. I probably cut a half inch off of each end. Then I added the edge supports and ironed on the end caps. Used the router to make the end caps flush and to smooth the harsh edges all over the countertop. Used the 409 to clean off the adhesive that was spattered all over it. Installed extra support underneath and ploped it on top of the filing cabinets. I didn't anchor it because I want to use the extra inch of play to slide the desk back and forth for easier cable management in the rear. And as you can see from the pics, it turned out stunning. It looks like I have an expensive marble desktop. And the black filing cabinets make it look industrial.

All at about 1/3 the cost of anything from Office Depot and a lot nicer.

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