blah! memorial day

published on 2004-06-01 in uncategorized

Picture006 This pic is me in the bed reading magazines this morning after the pager woke me up at 5am.

So this weekend has been kind of a wash. David couldn't come down. Bummer. 1) traffic from LA <-> SD sucks ass 2) We're both getting sick or getting over being sick 3) I am still on call and 4) gas is expensive. So he may have to wait a month till I move into the new house. That will be really fun, we need to initate the place anyhow with a few cannonballs off the roof into the pool. I just hope he doesn't find a job and move away before then. Hopefully not. I am trying to get him a job at Qualcomm, but it's a challenge because I don't have contacts in the right departments. But I'm gonna see what I can do this week. We talked about jobs and stuff a lot last night, I guess that it's just a hard job market right now, especially for people fresh out of school.


A pic of my (new) sandals as I was walking over to get a Rubios burrito for lunch.

Tracy and I went to the beach tonight to watch the sunset. But we screwed up and went to the wrong part of the beach at Del Mar, north, near the cliffs. The water was a lot closer to the top of the beach than what I'm used to, and since it was 6:45ish when we arrived, it was already at pretty high tide. And it smelled like seaweed and fish and featured lots of junk in the sand. As the sun was setting near 7:45, we were getting water lapping at our feet. We drove back home thru Del Mar and looked at all the houses we'd love to own. It's hard to believe that people live in such a beautiful place. I can't believe I'm only 7 miles and as many economic levels away from it. I sure hope the housing market continues to do well. Or bad, or whatever it's doing now.

Back to work after a long weekend and 3 days home sick. Hope it's not too much of a shock to my system. ;)

I see Dave Chappelle tomorrow. Woot!