Bender Background

published on 2006-05-01 in timelapse

It's been about 10 years since I made my own custom background for a computer. But after some inspiration from a screen shot I saw of someone else's PC, I made a background with my favorite cartoon character, Bender. I used the Gimp on my Mac to make it, thought I'd share it with all my many, many readers. All 3 of you. But I still made one for both right-hand and left-hand users. It's formatted 1440 x 900 and pretty subtle. Click to see full rez version


BTW, I can recommend using the Gimp for your image editing on the Mac. It worked out well and didn't cost a dime. There are a few different options, one of which is Gimp-Mac, a pay version that is packaged in an Aqua wrapper so you get a good UI. The other options all require X11 on your mac. You can have Fink install it or you can do what I did and download It doesn't have a Mac UI but it worked fine and could crank out this image pretty easily.

This weekend I changed the air filter, oil and oil filter in my Tacoma. Made a quick timelapse movie of the oil filter change and a quick wash.

Also saw a really huge lizard today. He was a monster!