Batiquitos Lagoon

published on 2004-06-07 in uncategorized

Picture010 Saturday, Tracy and I went for a little hike to Batiquitos Lagoon. Tracy's been keeping the hikes light so I could tolerate them. This one was 2.8 miles and mostly flat. Not too hard. But for some reason, I woke up that morning with a footache and I think that wearing running shoes aggrivated it because it hurt the rest of the weekend. Maybe a little tendonitis or something, it seems to never go away completely. Batiquitos Lagoon was neat, but I think that the only reason it exists is because you can't build houses there. Or at least the houses would have a fresh breeze of sewer gas type smells. (Actually, it's bacteria from the lagoon.) Later that night we went to a party downtown. Cool location, an outdoor pool on the 10th floor of a skyscraper in downtown San Diego. I felt all flashy. Tracy's feet got the pain this time, but due to her hot new shoes. D-oh.

Today, after Tracy left for work, I stopped by Home Depot to pick up some leather gloves and then went over to my new house to do yard work. Tyler and I mowed the lawn, groomed the shrubs, trimmed the hedges, ate weeds with the weedeater and cut down large parts of my neighbor's disgusting tree. The one that was hanging over into my yard and over the pool. That is one of the ugliest trees I've ever seen. It looks deformed or something, kinda scary. Like the kind of tree you'd be tied up to and eaten alive by rats. But since the neighbors are moving out, they didn't care how much I cut off. Tyler and I broke out the power saw and did some big cuts. This was my first time to use a hedger or a power saw. I've used chainsaws before, but these were different, cool. I definatly felt MANLY after mutilating a few trees and shrubberies. (A paath! A paath!) And it was good to do work on my house. Just the tip of the iceberg tho. I know it, I can feel it.

I guess I made Tracy sick.