attack of the sneaky cold

published on 2004-05-28 in uncategorized

So I've been home sick for the last 2 days. Cough, sore throat, headache, sniffly, sneezy, sinus pressure, all that great I-feel-like-shit jazz. Usually you can tell when you're getting sick. Not this time, it was a total sneak-attack. 7pm on Tuesday I was still at work, feeling fine. 8pm I had stopped by IN-N-OUT and by the time I got home to eat my bounty, my nose was a spigot. I got out of the car just in time for it to drip on the garage floor. Seriously, I was freaked out. It was so bad that I would go get a tissue, blow nose, turn around, walk 10 feet and have to go back for another tissue. Burned thru a whole box of tissues the first night. I had to put my laptop away because I was afraid snot would just pour out my nose on it. I was even thinking about converting to a cloth snot-rag so I could wring it out and keep going, save the trees whatever. I got it on my clothes, the couch, magazines, the carpet. I even sneezed suddenly and shot a spray across the room. But don't tell Tracy that, she'd freak out, dang germophobe. ;) So I called in sick to work Wed. Then I went on-call Wednesday night. And wouldn't ya know it, pager hell from moment one. I'm pretty sure that Will jinx'd me with his talk of an easy on-call week. I've had a few hundred pages since then. I made a run over to Longs just to get Sudafed and came back with all this other junk.


Got a call today from my home insurance agent. Apparently there was still something left that I needed to sign. And if I didn't do it today, then they would cancel my policy. And they'd have to give notice to the bank that the property was no longer insured. And the bank would freak out and take my loan away. And I sure am glad that I wasn't out of town or something. Jeez. So I got all cleaned up, went over there, signed the papers and came home. He had laringitus so he was cool with me being sick too.

So I am 1 month away from moving into my new house. Yay. I'm so excited, I can't wait. The first thing I'm gonna do is a cannonball off the roof into the pool as initation. I can't wait.

David is supposed to come down this weekend, we'll go over to the new house, check it out. Tyler's gonna show us how he takes care of the yard and all that jazz. Should be a fun time. I haven't seen my brother in a while.