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published on 2005-05-05 in computing

So at work I have been tasked with setting up a corporate blogging engine. My company would have about 10k users at any one moment that could use the it needed to be robust, self-service and easy to administrate. Turns out, there were only a handful of things that got close to fitting the bill. S9Y, B2Evolution, Blojsom, MovableType, WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal. The best one in my book is Blogger. At least for straight up broadcast blogging. But Blogger isn't open source and they don't have an appliance you can buy (yet). So I went with LiveJournal. My reasoning was similar to why I picked MediaWiki for the Corp Wiki solution...

  1. Open Source License
  2. Second biggest blogging engine (next to Blogger)
  3. written in mod_perl/perl
  4. VERY customizable
  5. Best-practice example in use:
  6. Excellent API support

After some mods to the base libs, we are up and running with our own instance, integrated into the corp SSO and all that goodness...a month later we've moved it to prod. Pretty damn cool. It's amazing how fast it is. You'd almost think by the speed of LJ's main site that it'd be slow, but it's not. The more I learn about LJ, the more I like it. It supports the ATOM API, RSS, FOAF, RDF, and all that goodness. Very cool.

There are also a few companies writing clients that use LJ's API's to post via BREW handsets. Not to mention the couple dozen clients for other platforms (Win/Mac/Palm/CE) that have been out for years. That very much validated my selection of a blogging engine. MovableType, S9Y, WordPress, none of them support the rich feature set of LJ. LJ's user admin interface is a little old school. It could use some polish, but that'll either come from my enhancements over the next few months or from the LJ authors.

I'm very pleased with how this has worked out and I thought I'd post so everyone else can know what a great engine LJ is. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I am happy to teach you what I've learned over the past few months.

The funny part about the last month or so...I've been working my ass off on a blogging solution for work. And haven't blogged hardly at all for myself. Heh.