Aging Brains & viruses

published on 2006-11-18 in uncategorized

The Dilbert Blog: Aging Brains:

To compensate for my inevitable mental decline I am already doing triage on entire categories of my memory. Anything I don’t need will be purged to make room for new stuff. I already got rid of the category I call “who wore what.” If I see you in the gym wearing a full chicken outfit I will remember that as “saw you working out.”

Man, I can so relate to that.

So I am sick body is fighting a war with some virus that has been floating around the office this week. My mental capacity is fully half of normal, or at least that's what it feels like. But it's Friday so I guess that nobody has noticed yet. ;)

Highly recommend the Airborne for when you start to feel the slightest bit sick. It really does work, has kept me from getting ill many times over the past 4-5 years. I don't get Flu shots, don't believe in them. I'd rather let my body build up the immunities naturally. I get a little bit sick every year...back when I took the Flu shot, I would get really sick every other year when the Flu shot was for the wrong strain and I had no immunity built up.

Speaking of the Flu, this is a great present for any medical/nurse types.