7 reasons to like Friday

published on 2006-11-11 in uncategorized

List of good things that happened to me today:

  1. My La Fonera arrived. Very cool, if you're not familiar with FON, check it out. It's a community wireless project funded by Google, Skype and Sequoia (whoah). It only cost me $8, but I got in early...it's still cheap at $30.
  2. For whatever reason, when I opened my Mac this morning, it didn't turn on. Screen black, no worky. I did all the appropriate troubleshooting, apple support site, FastEddy consult, the whole bit. Dead. So I called our corp Apple rep and told him to expect me with Macbook in tow after lunch. When I got back from lunch, it was sitting there, on. Heh. I think the power management chip was hungover and got it's s**t together when it heard the call. Anyway, the elated feeling I had when it came back more than counteracted the horrible feeling I had when it didn't boot. And I can continue my 15 year stretch without a failed Mac. ;)
  3. Firefox 2.0 did a session restore and recovered all the tabs I had up on the screen from the hours of research that I had done the night before when I last closed my Mac.
  4. John threw a one in a million shot: One in a million shot He was bouncing this ball off the door, went high and it bounced off the wall, the ceiling and the top of the door, coming to rest on top of the door. Now we're going to see how long we can keep it up there.
  5. Had pizza for lunch on company dime.
  6. Took home an entire Oggi's pizza.
  7. Had pizza for dinner.

Overall, a nice Friday. :)