6 hours of Friday

published on 2006-04-22 in timelapse

Well, 636 minutes of a Friday. The camera (a Canon S80) did well, I am suprized that it captured that much. Course, I had to restart it every 100 minutes or so (a limitation of the camera). I just restarted it whenever I thought of it. Overall, easy to do. Notice the x4100 on the floor. Thanks Burt! But the best part...check out the boxes moving, the darts dancing....Ian had a little fun with the cam while I was at lunch...hilarious!

It's been a good week. I've finalized 3 big deals for work that I've been working on for months. I almost didn't know what to do when I was done. So I took some time, did something fun and setup an internal gallery for everyone at work to use. I uploaded a few hundred pics I've taken into it. I used 'Gallery 2.1.1' as the package. It's gotten a lot better since the 2.0.0 days, I would recommend it to anyone that needs a nice picture gallery. I will probably migrate away from IDS that I've been using (and which hasn't been really updated) over the last 6 years.

Another video this week. I'm on a rampage! From a meeting of the San Diego Software Industry Council on Thursday:

John Don't Speak Description: At a panel discussion where John and I will NOT be speaking.

Supposed to rain this weekend. Hopefully there is a little sunshine so I can mow the yard and have time to get inspired to work on the truck and the Fiat.